For small business, by small business.

PENG is the modern entrepreneur’s payment tool, designed for small businesses and aspiring innovators, the self-employed and sole traders.

PENG was conceived during the age that witnessed an unprecedented upward transfer of wealth that did not benefit small business owners. PENG’s role is not just to bridge the subsequent chasm featuring high transaction fees and an increasingly regulated credit card environment, but to equip businesses with a greater knowledge of the power of financial technology – how it can lead to impacting more equitable and transparent conditions.

PENG believes that within financial technology, the realm of open banking is inclusive, ethical and sustainable.

PENG is value and access driven, unwavering in its belief that innovative businesses can adjust society for the better.

Our objectives

Our aim is to empower small businesses with premium financial and technologies that reduce transaction fees, maintain data integrity and safeguard the payment process with bank grade security.

make payment collection safe, cheaper and more efficient;

provide enhanced, transparent financial controls for small businesses;

augment open finance solutions as a gateway for financial inclusion and literacy.

The founders

PENG’s African-immigrant founders boast strong experience of finance and technology. PENG is an expression of fintech’s influence – a belief that it is has the power to democratize finance and enable critical impacts within investment.

James Kibera, Chairman, is an established founder and investor in a range of industries, from coffee to energy. Simon Reader has held various executive positions in financial technology and is PENG’s CEO.

James Kibera


Simon Reader


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