Why PENG is safe?

One of the most important questions we get is: “How can I be assured that my registration process is safe?” Everyone remembers the Facebook, British Airways, Marriott and Experian hacks – and are rightly cautious of any means of information submission. 

PENG is fundamentally different by its architecture. Essentially, you are trusting your own bank, as we only initiate the payment service. We hold none of your money or your credit card information – rendering an illegal breach impossible. We do not share information with third parties – your data is as secure with us as it is with your bank. 

To use PENG, you embark on the bank-grade safety journey linking the app to your account. This is your own verification journey – and is seen by no one, including us. Once you are verified, you are able to send payment requests to the value of your subscription choice. 

At present open banking is the safest transaction means available. For our customers, this also means that the prospects of dreaded refunds are significantly diminished. 

Our solution is not only cardless and instant, it is also safe. We appreciate caution – it’s one of the reasons we’re committed to bringing you the most secure experience possible. 

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